Best Sex Positions For DP and Anal Sex
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Best Sex Positions For DP and Anal Sex

DP, or double penetration, is a type of sexual position in which two objects, usually a penis and anal, are inserted into a woman’s vagina or anal. Depending on the technique used, double penetration can be immensely hot and satisfying.

There are sixteen different DP positions. Some are more common than others. Here are the most common types of DP:

Reverse Cowgirl DP – This is one of the more popular types of DP. It is very popular because it allows two dicks to be inserted at once. This is done by having the woman lie on her back, with her anus and ass anchored to her back. The first man lays on her back, and penetrating her. This allows him to insert a penis into her vagina while she is lying on her back.

Doggy Style DP – The doggy style DP is very similar to the reverse cowgirl DP. It is a highly homoerotic position, and it allows two men to penetrate the woman from behind. The man who fucks the woman in this position is referred to as the “top man”. He also has access to her ass and pussy from behind. This is a great sex position for those who are comfortable with being close to a male.

Spooning DP – The spooning DP is a very intimate and intimate position. This is where two men lie on either side of the woman and one penetrates her vagina from behind. It is also a great position for oral intercourse.

69-ing – This is a very hot position, but it is a little awkward at first. It is a great position to get into when two people can find the right rhythm. It is also a good position to transition into the Eiffel Tower and the threesome position. The clit triangle is another hot position. It is a great way to take a break from more complicated positions. It is best to use a hand on the other man to get the most out of this position.

Sidesaddle DP – The sidesaddle DP is a less common DP. This is a sexual position where the man lies on one side of the woman and the woman lies on the other side. This is a great position for sharing the experience of giving and receiving.

Lastly, the Amazon DP is one of the least common types of DP. It is similar to the double piledriver DP, but requires the man to lie on the woman and to be submissive. This position can be done on a bed, on the floor, or even on the couch.

If you are considering using double penetration, you need to choose the method that is best for you. This means that you should also consider safety and any possible hazards. If you are looking to use double penetration to enjoy more orgasmic pleasure, you need to ensure that you are doing it safel